Ogscast 025 - You Can Be What You Wanna Be

The Ogscast is back with a vengeance, featuring oldskool, trance and d'n'b.

Featuring: Channel X, Lords Of Acid, Channel X, Mindwarp, Urban Hype, Felix, Michael Cassette, Scooter, Inna, Markus Shultz Feat Jennifer Rene, Andy Moor, and F. Massif.

Ogscast 024 - I Will Attack, And You Don't Want That

Guest DJ Oleg Bondar provides some tribal and progressive house beats, while Ogsy provides some chilled summertime vibes and the new sound of happy hardcore.

Featuring: Berardino & Sonatore , Patrick M , Daso, Ant Brooks, Diavlo, Kraak And Smaak, Rober Gaez, Pretty Lights, Notorious Big, Porter Robinson, Snap! Vs Motiva, Beastie Boys, and Trei & Concord Dawn.

Ogscast 022 - Trance Heatwave

Put on your trance trousers and welcome the spring awakening with an hour of anthems.

Featuring: Sunscreem, Paul Van Dyk, Anti Matter, Andy Moor, John O'Callaghan, Kearney, Sean Tyas, John Askew, Christopher Lawrence, Glam, Pablo Gargano, More, and Terra Ferma.

Ogscast 021 - They're Not Gonna Get Us

Listen in horror as Ogsy traverses 5 different styles with only one inadvisable multi-genre mix. If you didn't think that was feasible you're probably right.

Featuring: Nu Foundation, Dougal & Gammer, Dougal & Gammer, Tatu, Aphex Twin, Stakka & Skynet, Arty, Tyler Michaud & Mat Zo Feat. Marcie, Deniz Koyu Vs Basto!, Arty, Mat Zo, and G-Spott.

Ogscast 019 - Is Nothing Sacred?

Ogsy returns with some hardcore and drum 'n' bass classics from the crate, plus a couple of little surprises.

Featuring: Massive Attack, Sl2, Dj Seduction, Jds, Seb, Breeze Vs Unique, Styles & Breeze, Hazard, Total Science, Konflict, Camo & Krooked, and Scooter.

Ogscast 018 - The Five In A Row Show

Five is the magic number - five hardcore tracks, five drum & bass tracks, five trance tracks, five...teen great reasons to listen to the latest installment of the Ogscast.

Featuring: Dougal & Gammer Feat. Mc Whizzkid & Jenna, Sc@R & Andy Dee, Dougal & Gammer, Joey Riot Vs Technotrance Feat. Angel Eyez, Dougal & Gammer, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Hamilton, Loadstar, 2 Cents, Brookes Brothers Feat. Robert Owens, Blake Jarell, and Kyau & Albert.

Ogscast 017 - Naked, Helpless And Alone

Cast into the world naked helpless and alone, its the ogsy.org Ogscast, going back to the roots of trance then back to the future.

Featuring: Cj Bolland, Cosmic Baby, Thomas Datt, Syntax, Golden Girls, Lcd Soundsystem, Orbital, Martin Solveig & Dragonette, Da Hool, Above & Beyond, Gareth Emery Feat. Brute Force, and 4 Strings.

Ogscast 016 - Hit The Decks Oldskool Megamix

16 oldskool rave tracks in 18 minutes, 2 exclusive Ogsy mashups and nyan cat dubstep.

Featuring: Blame, Smart E'S, Submerge, Soundclash Vs Hackney Hardcore, Kaotic Chemistry, Orca, Conscious, Dj Nex, Ray Keith, Cosmo + Dibs, Foul Play, and Ace The Space.

Ogscast 014 - Drunken Master

A drunken walk through the many splendorous musical styles of the Ogscast world. Alcohol fuelled mashups and inadvisable multi-genre mixes aplenty.

Featuring: Daft Punk, Linus Loves, Gabrielle, Crystal Waters, Spectrum, Havana, Sunset Regime, Dream Frequency, Binary Finary, Ferry Corsten Pres. Pulse, Moguai, and Above & Beyond Pres. Oceanlab.

Ogscast 013 - The Ogscast Strikes Back

An update on the Ogscast hiatus plus some bumpin' hardcore and drum 'n' bass and the best Ogsy mashup of all time.

Featuring: Geos Crew & Scandal Feat. Marie Louise, Dj Rhythmics, Fat Controller, Bang, Brisk & Ham, Hamilton, Bt, Eclipse, Awesome 3, Die Klostertaler, Nero, and Black Sun Empire.

Ogscast 011 - Oldskool Is Nuskool

This time around, happy hardcore meets drum ā€˜nā€™ bass as we see how the oldskool sound is influencing recent releases.

Featuring: 4 Tune Fairytales, Special D, Sc@R & Uplift , Darwin, Darwin, John O'Callaghan, Little Fella, Dj Wink, Entity, Djs United, Twisted Individual, and Dj Hazard.

Ogscast 009 - Electro Backlash

Pulling an old unreleased Ogsy mix out of the vaults for this episode. All the big names from the electro house scene are here plus some trademark Ogsy cheese.

Featuring: Aphex Twin, Junior Boys, The Chemical Brothers, Client , Prodigy, Tomas Andersson, Max Linen, James Mowbray & D Ramirez, Bodyrox, Tiga, Mylo, and Farley Jackmaster Funk.

Ogscast 008 - Digital Dance Anthems

Plenty of 90s dance anthems for you to enjoy here ā€“ this is what the Night At The Roxbury soundtrack should have sounded like!

Featuring: Love Decade, Capella, Capella, L.A. Style, Digital Orgasm, E'Voke, Jonny L, Terrorize, Glam, Blue Bamboo, Motiv, and The Prodigy.

Ogscast 007 - Large And In Charge

Another slamming selection of tunes here ā€“ house, UK garage, dubstep, an oldskool hip-house megamix from DeeJay Flash and some Ogsy house classics

Featuring: 92 Eternal, Autokratz, Danger, Nuke, Lbck, Kid Cudi & Crookers, Tre, Passion Pit, Dub Frequency, Mazza & Go, Project Bassline, and The Space Brothers.

Ogscast 006.1 - Bendage Superfan Playlist

The Bendage Superfan Playlist from Ogscast 006 in all it's unadulterated hairy majesty.

Featuring: Dj Fresh, The Luniz, Amon Tobin, Johnny Violent, and Ray Parker Jr. Vs Michael Jackson.

Ogscast 006 - Faster, But Slower

A giant trance mix, transatlantic hardcore and some fantabulous Ogsy mashups in the infamous Bendage Superfan Playlist.

Featuring: Heatbeat, Jaytech, Mat Zo, Andy Tau, Eleven.Five, Takara Feat. Xan, Frank Sabanci, Tasadi, Ahnken, Eleven.Five, Filo & Peri, and Alex Pich.

Ogscast 005 - What the hell is this? Podcast?

Amen-crunching breaks spanning 15 years as oldskool hardcore meets upfront drum & bass, followed up by a Darwin mini-mix, Japanese donk and some exclusive Ogsy mashups.

Featuring: Loggi, Foul Play, Dj Solo, Foul Play, Bash Street Kids, China White, Fat Controller, Q-Tex, Sonic Experience, Mole The Dipper, Vibes & Wishdokta, and Smd.

Ogscast 004 - A Lot Of People Like Techno Now Don't They

A lot of people are into techno now aren't they. Drum 'n' bass. Listen, can we have the glitterball again on this one? Don't introduce it immediately, please Dave, introduce it mid-way through the song when it becomes emotional.

Featuring: Shut Up And Dance, Rhythmatic, Jazz & The Brothers Grimm, Isotonik, Capella, Raf, Emika, Intiman, Ac Slater, Fake Blood, Dj Hazard, and Photek.

Ogscast 003 - Allied Manoeuvres Guest Mix

Get your handbags out for some big 90s club classics, Ogsy mashup insanity, and a breaks mix from special guests Allied Manoeuvres. For information and bookings email rob@alliedmanoeuvres.co.uk or visit http://www.alliedmanoeuvres.co.uk

Featuring: Hot Chip, Eddie Thoneick & Kurd Maverick, Angelheart Feat. Rochelle Harris, Outrage, Livin' Joy, 4 Strings, Grafton Primary, Turbofunk, Steve Murano, The Gourds, Tocadisco, and Jonny L.

Ogscast 001 - The Story Begins

In this early edition of the Ogscast we see many of the key elements that exist to this day - inadvisable multi-genre mixes, exclusive Ogsy mashups, and cats.

Featuring: Becks, Sy & Unknown, Deadfunk & Recur, Bang, Fracus, Shock One, Sub Focus, Spor, Deadmau5 & Kaskade, Mrsa, Doctor P, and Wiley.

Ogscast 000 - Electro Special

Beta episode of the Ogscast - enjoy some glitchy and progressive electro beats while I get my kit set up.

Featuring: Deadmau5, Scott Anselmo & Sergio Armes, Heckle, Denis Naidanow Feat. Tyree Cooper, Kriss Kross, Maxwell D & Lil Silva, Mr Oizo, Oh Snap!, The Glass, Dragonette, From Monument To Masses, and Bump.

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